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About the journal

Śląskie Sprawozdania Archeologiczne (SSA) is a scientific journal presenting research results in the field of archeology and collaborating scientific disciplines. The editorial team will publish articles on new discoveries of importance for understanding the human past. We also intend to publish review articles, works on the methodology as well as the polemical ones. We want to adhere to the tradition of publishing works relating directly to the region of Silesia and neighbouring areas. However, given the current trends in science, we would not avoid papers the subjects of which go beyond regional matters.

From the next volume the SSA editorial team wants to publish the journal online in PDF format in addition to the traditional paper form. In the nearest future all published volumes will be placed in the publisher's database, from where any work will be available to download. We are making efforts to place SSA in popular databases of scientific journals

Editorial Board of SSA

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